About Us

R.A.F.I. is well poised to take advantage of both its share-holders combined resources, which includes decades of experience in the global agri-food trade. Our ability to handle international and local logistics and provide ware-housing support for dry, chilled and frozen products, provides added value to our clients. Through our network of 20 offices in 15 countries across 5 continents, we are present in every major agri-food hub in the world and are able to deliver upto the minute international market information and handle all aspects of the supply chain for our clients.

R.A.F.I. has inherited both its share-holders' dairy commodities business in the region, and as a result is today a leading force in the UAE and the region in this field. Our primary role is to provide as principals, dairy commodities and ingredients to food processors and importers/distributors.

R.A.F.I. today is one of the largest stockists of dairy commodities in the region, with a wide range of dairy powders and butter locally available in the UAE at any time. Our clients can depend on us to service them at a day's notice. Our ability to supply less than container load volumes to clients in the region through stock on the ground, is an added flexibility. Full container loads from origin can be shipped directly to clients' preferred ports of destination or delivery can be arranged to your door. We are able to cater to all clients, regardless of how small or large their requirements are. Product is stored in a bonded area in the UAE and goods can be re-exported anywhere in the world with ease.